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Is the sky the same every day?

Are mice just as interesting as elephants?

 Is there only one correct way of eating a delicious chocolate cake with vanilla topping?

 There is diversity in the world for sure and Jolly Star is hereby inviting you all to understand it and benefit of it together. I’ m Silvana Serbanescu, Jolly Learning trainer, Educational Manager of Jolly Star Learning Centre and together with my team of heartedly teachers I’m bringing you the news: any child can be a skillful user of the English language, on condition he’s got key abilities in place and a proper method to use. With the help of Inky, Snake and Bee, he can understand while playing and using his senses that the language works as a code that can be broken to everybody’s content.


Find out more about our inspirational programmes on www.jollystar.ro, on the Jolly Star Learning Centre Facebook page or invite us in your school to sense the difference.


What I meant (and did not have time in a 30 seconds radio spot) is that Jolly Learning programmes are so amazingly consistent with the needs of today’s children. Obviously, teaching reading and writing in English can no longer be done in the traditional way, with chalk and talk, according to the jug & mug metaphor. We taught language for so long as a jigsaw puzzle hoping that, by magic, some time, the pieces would fit together. By taking this fractured approach, mainly because of a less inspired nation-wide curriculum, we’ve taught a lot of kids to read but to not actually want to read.

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With Jolly Learning programmes the teacher is not essentially an explainer, but moves towards becoming an involver. This interactive, whole-class experience is undoubtedly more efficient than traditional teaching where the learner is passive and receptive. It encourages children’s interest, their curiosity, exploration and inquiry; it allows children to make meaningful choices and appeals to a great range of learning styles (visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social etc).

It’s been many times acknowledged by various dedicated teachers that Jolly Phonics and Grammar teach children with respect. As a teacher, once I create I wide range of learning opportunities in my classes, I do very little as a teacher, but give more space for my learners to do things and discover things by their own. Thus, children become more aware about how they are learning. Their everyday acquisition is constructed over the foundations of their own earlier learning.

Having directly felt these through each and every of my daily classes, without the wish to escalate or push down the curriculum in force, I cannot but agree with Cox: “From birth forward, children are becoming readers and writers; their listening, drawing, early wordplay, pretended reading, storytelling and scribbling, all set the stage for reading, excellence and a love of books and writing later on”.


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